Comprehensive Sexuality Education for 10-14 Year Olds: Activity Guide

Comprehensive Sexuality Education for 10-14 Year Olds: Activity GuideThe “Comprehensive Sexuality Education for 10-14 Year Olds Activity Guide” is an educational resource designed to provide comprehensive sexuality education to young adolescents. Developed with the support of IPPF, this guide aims to empower young people by enhancing their understanding of sexual and reproductive health and rights. It is intended for facilitators, such as teachers and peer educators, who are engaged in providing comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) to this age group.

The guide covers a range of topics pertinent to young adolescents, including rights and responsibilities, understanding gender and sexuality, diversity, violence, relationships, pleasure, and sexual and reproductive health, including HIV. It emphasizes the importance of respecting human rights, gender equality, and sexual citizenship, while providing age-appropriate and culturally relevant information.

The guide is structured to be interactive and engaging, using various activities and discussions to facilitate learning. It includes detailed instructions for facilitators on how to conduct these activities, ensuring that the sessions are informative, respectful, and safe for all participants. The activities are designed to be adaptable to different cultural contexts and aim to be inclusive and sensitive to the needs of diverse learners.


  1. Citizenship, Rights and Responsibilities
    • Respect and Human Rights
    • Children’s Rights
    • Child Rights and Sexual and Reproductive Health
    • Bodily Integrity is My Right
  2. Gender and Sexuality
    • Understanding Gender Norms
    • Understanding Power and Discrimination
  3. Diversity
    • Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination
    • Sexuality and Diversity
    • Understanding Identity
  4. Violence
    • What is Bullying?
    • Types of Violence and Their Effects
    • Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
  5. Relationships and Pleasure
    • Positive and Negative Relationships
    • Expressing Feelings and Assertiveness
    • Being Part of a Family
    • Refusal and Negotiation Skills
    • Decisions and Consequences
  6. Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV
    • Understanding Puberty
    • Every Body is Different
    • Understanding Reproduction and STIs
    • HIV Basics
    • Treatment for HIV
    • Preventing Pregnancy
    • Teenage Pregnancy and Becoming a Parent: Life Planning
    • Understanding Comprehensive Abortion Care
    • Risk Behaviours and Risk Reduction



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