How to cope with sleep problems booklet

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The booklet offers comprehensive guidance on coping with sleep problems related to mental health. It clearly defines common sleep issues like insomnia, oversleeping, nightmares and sleep paralysis. The interrelationship between sleep difficulties and conditions like anxiety, depression and PTSD is analysed.

Practical self-help tips are provided to improve sleep, from following a routine to avoiding screens before bed. Relaxation techniques, sleep diaries, dietary changes, and regulating light exposure are covered as well. Challenging unhelpful thought patterns is suggested for long-term insomnia.

Information is included on possible medical treatments like CBT, medications, and referrals to sleep clinics. Supporting a loved one by creating an optimal sleep environment and encouraging help-seeking is advised. A checklist summarises key strategies.

The booklet notes while sleep problems can exacerbate mental health problems, improving sleep can also positively impact conditions like depression. Its insights into causes, detailed advice, and recognition that techniques work differently for each individual make it a useful resource.


What are sleep problems?
What causes sleep problems?
What is the relationship between sleep and mental health?
What can I do to help myself?
What treatments are available?
What can friends and family do to help?
Sleep checklist
Useful contacts


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