Digiduck’s Big Decision – Storybook & App about Friendship and Responsibility Online

Digiduck’s Big Decision – Storybook & App about Friendship and Responsibility OnlineDigiduck PDF BOOK

A beautifully illustrated storybook for children about friendship and responsibility online. Learning how to be a good friend online is now a key part of a young person’s development. Parents play an important role in teaching kids how to safely navigate the many positive opportunities the Internet and new technologies provide.

Digiduck’s Big Decision will help a parent talk with young children about how their actions online – even in fun – can affect others. This tender tale of a young duckling makes a strong point about how to be considerate online.

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Digiduck E-STORY/APP

Childnet International’s ‘Digiduck’s Big Decision’ is a charming, educational e-safety story for children aged 3-7 and this has been turned into a fun, interactive app by Internet Matters working with Childnet. You can download the app for free and enjoy it with your child. Narrated by singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor and her mum the former Blue Peter presenter Janet Ellis, the story teaches children the importance of being a good online friend and is a great conversation starter for parents to raise the issue of internet safety and being a good online citizen from an early age.

Help arrives just in time for Digiduck when he’s faced with a difficult decision. Follow Digiduck and his friends in this story of friendship and responsibility online. Children can read the story, follow the narration and help bring the illustrations to life by interacting with the app and creating fun actions and animal noises. The app then allows them to take a quick quiz to sum up what they’ve learned through the story. Parents can also learn more about keeping their children safe online with access to the Internet Matters website through the app.

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