How to manage stress booklet

How to manage stress booklet

The booklet provides comprehensive information on stress, its causes, impacts, and ways to manage it. It covers the nature of stress as the reaction when we feel threatened or overwhelmed. Acute and chronic stress are explained as well as links between stress, mental health problems, and wellbeing.

Signs and symptoms of stress are outlined across emotional, physical, and behavioural domains. Tips are provided for building resilience against stressors, though barriers some people face are acknowledged. Suggestions include self-care strategies like relaxation, expanding support networks, organising time, and community action.

Information is included on treatment options like talking to a GP, medications that may help symptoms, different types of therapy, and alternative approaches including yoga. Guidance for friends and family supports them to assist a stressed person sympathetically. This includes helping them recognise symptoms, offering reassurance, and supporting them to seek help.

The booklet notes while stress itself is not considered a mental health problem, it is connected to mental health in various ways. For instance, it can cause conditions like anxiety or depression. With its comprehensive yet accessible overview, the resource helps readers understand stress and explores constructive ways of reducing and coping with it. The understanding tone makes it useful for both stressed individuals and their loved ones.


What is stress?
What are the signs of stress?
What causes stress?
How can I deal with pressure?
How can I become more emotionally resilient?
What treatments are there for stress?
How can friends and family help?
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