My Feelings Colouring Chart

My Feelings Colouring Chart

The “My Feelings Colouring Chart” is a valuable resource that empowers children to explore and express their emotions in different areas of their lives. With dedicated sections for friends, home, hobbies, school, family, and self-reflection, this interactive chart allows children to color in happy, neutral, or unhappy faces to indicate their feelings in each domain.

By engaging with the “My Feelings Colouring Chart,” children can develop self-awareness and emotional literacy as they reflect on their emotions and experiences in various aspects of their lives. This visual tool encourages children to identify and express their feelings, fostering open communication and dialogue about their well-being.

Regular use of the “My Feelings Colouring Chart” enables children to track and observe patterns or changes in their emotions across different domains over time. This self-reflection can foster a deeper understanding of the factors that influence their emotional well-being and prompt discussions or interventions when necessary.


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