Preparing a child for loss (booklet)

Preparing a child for loss (booklet)

The “Preparing a Child for Loss” booklet is a valuable resource provided by Winston’s Wish, a childhood bereavement charity. It aims to assist parents, guardians, and close family members who are near the end of life in preparing and engaging in conversations with children about death and dying. This practical guide offers suggestions and insights on various aspects of discussing death with children, including understanding their reactions, helping them cope, and explaining what will happen.

The booklet features quotes from families who have experienced the loss of a parent, providing personal perspectives and insights. It emphasises that there is no right or wrong way to approach these conversations and encourages individuals to do their best in challenging circumstances. It also provides information on finding support, creating memory boxes, and moving forward after the loss.

With sections covering topics such as coming to terms with one’s own death, age-appropriate understanding of death, talking about dying, and getting support, this booklet offers a comprehensive resource for navigating these difficult discussions. It also includes a section for notes and questions to assist individuals in communicating with healthcare professionals.

Additionally, the booklet provides information on other ways Winston’s Wish can help and lists useful organisations, books, and resources for further support.


Coming to terms with your own death
How children understand and react to death at different ages
Talking about dying
Telling your children
Questions children may ask
Getting support
Memory boxes
Going forward
About our information
Other ways we can help you
Other useful organisations
Books and other resources
Your notes and questions