R U Bin Bullied? Tips 4 Teens booklet

R U Bin Bullied? Tips 4 Teens booklet

“R U Bin Bullied? Tips 4 Teens” is an engaging and informative booklet designed to help teenagers navigate the complex issue of bullying. Divided into three parts, the booklet covers various aspects of bullying, providing practical advice and strategies for teens to address different scenarios.

Part one focuses on understanding bullying, including its definition, the emotional impact it can have, and steps to prevent bullying. It also offers guidance for teens who are currently experiencing bullying, addressing both cyberbullying and physical attacks.

Part two explores the perspective of bullies, delving into reasons behind bullying behaviors and offering guidance on managing anger, dealing with jealousy, and understanding relational bullying dynamics.

Part three highlights the role of bystanders and provides a self-assessment test to determine their level of involvement. It encourages teens to take proactive measures to address bullying, including supporting the targets, standing up against bullying behavior, and promoting a culture of kindness and empathy.


Part one bullying- what is it?

  • How does it feel to be bullied?
  • What can you do to prevent bullying?
  • You are being bullied- what can you do?
  • What if you are being bullied by text?
  • What if you are attacked physically?
  • Will I ever feel safe again?
  • Sexual bullying and what to do

Part two r u a bully? Take d test

  • Why do you bully?
  • Things you need to know
  • Managing your anger
  • Mastering the green monster dealing with jealousy
  • Relational bullying- what is it?
  • Relational bullying- what to do if you are targeted
  • Relational bullying – r u a bystander?
  • Relational bullying- r u a queen bee?

Part three

  • R u a bystander?
  • Test yourself
  • What can you do?