Stay Safe Programme resources

Stay Safe Programme resourcesThe Stay Safe Programme provides a range of resources designed to promote safety and well-being among children. The resources are originally intended for use in classes or groups, but can also be adapted for 1:1 work with children. They cover five main Stay Safe topics:

• Feeling Safe and Unsafe
• Friendship and Bullying
• Touches
• Secrets and Telling
• Strangers

The resources include lesson plans, activities, worksheets, songs, videos, and other materials to engage children in learning about safety. There are separate resources available for different age groups, including Stay Safe Infant Lessons, Stay Safe 1st and 2nd Class Lessons, Stay Safe 3rd and 4th Class Lessons, and Stay Safe 5th and 6th Class Lessons. Additionally, there are teacher’s resources available for each age group, providing guidance and support for implementing the lessons effectively.

The Stay Safe Programme aims to empower children with the knowledge and skills to recognise and respond to various safety situations, promoting their overall well-being and confidence.

Download Stay Safe Lessons

Stay Safe Infant Lessons

Stay Safe 1st and 2nd Class Lessons

Stay Safe 3rd and 4th Class Lessons

Stay Safe 5th and 6th class Lessons

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Stay Safe Infant Teacher’s Resources

Stay Safe 1st and 2nd Class Teacher’s Resources

Stay Safe 3rd and 4th Teacher’s Resources

Stay Safe 5th and 6th Teacher’s Resources