‘Teeth Are Not for Biting Storybook’ & ‘No Biting’ Videos for Children

'Teeth Are Not for Biting Storybook' Free Download

“Teeth Are Not for Biting” is a children’s book which addresses the common issue of biting among toddlers and preschoolers. Through friendly and straightforward language, it helps children understand that biting hurts and is not an acceptable way to express feelings. Instead, it encourages children to use their words to communicate when they are angry, frustrated, or upset.

Colourful and cheerful illustrations accompany the text, making the book visually appealing and easy for young children to understand. Each page provides positive alternatives to biting, such as using gentle touches, taking deep breaths, or asking an adult for help.

“Teeth Are Not for Biting” is an excellent resource for parents, caregivers, and teachers to read with children, helping them learn empathy, self-control, and healthy ways to express their emotions

Teeth Are Not for Biting Read Aloud Video

Join the Kiboomers in their catchy and fun No Biting Song, where they remind kids that biting is a big no-no!

This song helps children understand that biting is not acceptable. “Biting Hurts” is a fun and positive way to teach kids that biting is meant for chewing food, not for hurting others. Children can pretend to bite things like apples, ice pops, or steak. Many preschool teachers appreciate this simple song about the negative effects of biting others. It teaches an important social skill about when biting is appropriate and how to get along with others.

‘No Biting’ Read Aloud Storybook 

“No Biting” by Karen Katz is a charming and educational book for toddlers and young children. It addresses the common issue of biting by teaching children that there are better ways to express their feelings. With colourful illustrations and simple text, the book helps young readers learn positive behaviours and understand the importance of being kind to others.

“People Don’t Bite People” by Lisa Wheeler is a delightful children’s book that teaches kids about proper behaviour. Through engaging rhymes and vibrant illustrations, it emphasizes that biting is not an acceptable way to express emotions or interact with others. Instead, the book encourages positive alternatives and promotes kindness and understanding among young readers.


Responding to Your Child’s Bite – Advice Leaflet for Parents

The leaflet offers guidance on how to respond when a child bites. It explains that biting is a common behaviour among toddlers and young children who may lack the words to express their feelings. The guide highlights various reasons children bite, such as frustration, teething, or seeking oral stimulation, and emphasizes that understanding these reasons is crucial to addressing the behaviour. It suggests practical strategies for preventing biting, like observing patterns, providing appropriate items to chew, and teaching children to express their needs verbally. Additionally, the resource advises on how to respond calmly and effectively when a child bites, and when to seek professional help if the biting persists.

Responding to Your Child's Bite - Advice Leaflet for Parents