Managing emotions toolkit for children (worksheets & guidance)

Managing emotions toolkit for children (worksheets  & guidance)This book is a guide for parents, social workers, and other professionals to help children deal with their emotions, specifically focusing on anger and anxiety. The book provides various tools and resources to help them communicate and connect with children on a deeper emotional level. It includes activities such as designing Inside Out characters, using an anger thermometer, and identifying top five worries. The book also provides helpful tips for managing emotions both at home and in school. Additionally, it includes several appendices with resources such as a stress scale and social stories, making it a comprehensive guide for professionals looking to support children’s emotional wellbeing.

Section 1: Talking to your Child about Feelings
Talking to Children about Feelings
Inside Out: The Movie
Design Your Own Inside Out Character
How Do I Feel Today? Check In
Section 2: Anger
Helping Your Child with Anger
What is Anger?
Anger Thermometer
Volcano in your Tummy
My Anger Triggers
Understanding My Feelings
5 Point Scale: Anger Check In
Ok and Not Ok Reponses
What Might Help
At Home, At School
My Stages of Anger
Section 3: Anxiety
Helping Your Child with Anxiety
What is Anxiety?
The 5 Point Scale: Anxiety Check In
My Top Five Worries
Big Problems and Small Problems
Comic Strip Conversations
Social Stories
My Calming Sequence
Lazy 8 Breathing
The Six Sides of Breathing
Skill Cards
Appendix A: Building Resilience
Appendix B: Identifying Emotions in Others
Appendix C: The Feeling of Anger
Appendix D: The Stress Scale
Appendix E: The High Low Scale
Appendix F: Cut Out and Keep Scales
Appendix G: Inside Out: Getting to Know my Emotions
Appendix H: Inside Out Trace Emotions
Appendix I: Inside Out Feelings and Calm Down Worksheet
Appendix J: My Worry Monster
Appendix K: Talking About My Worries
Useful Links