The Parenting Daily Hassle Scale

The Parenting Daily Hassle Scale

The Parenting Daily Hassle Scale is a recommended assessment tool for social workers who work with children and families. It is endorsed by the Department of Health and is part of the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families.

This scale helps social workers evaluate how often caregivers experience various daily parenting challenges and the impact these challenges have on them. It covers important aspects of parenting and provides valuable insights into the stress and difficulties caregivers face. By using this scale, social workers can better understand the unique needs and circumstances of the families they work with.

Assessing the parenting daily hassles allows social workers to pinpoint areas where additional support or intervention may be necessary. This understanding enables them to customise their support and services to address the specific challenges faced by each family, ultimately working towards improving the well-being and outcomes for both children and caregivers.


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