Understanding ADHD: Age-Appropriate Resources for Children & Teens

ADHD for Children: Finding Out About ADHD Booklet

This interactive, educational booklet serves as a valuable resource for children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), providing an engaging and understandable exploration of how ADHD can affect their daily lives. Through interactive activities and relatable characters, children are guided to recognise symptoms, understand their emotions, and learn effective management strategies. The content is developed by the ADHD Foundation and reviewed for medical and factual accuracy, ensuring it adheres to high standards. It aims to empower children by teaching them to embrace their differences and improve their self-awareness and coping mechanisms.

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A Teenager’s Guide to ADHD: Information Guide and Workbook for Teenagers Living with ADHD

This resource provides a comprehensive guide for teenagers living with ADHD, offering insights into how it affects daily life and strategies for managing it. It covers key topics such as understanding ADHD, dealing with school challenges, and using medication effectively. The booklet is designed to empower teenagers by helping them recognise their unique strengths and learn how to harness them. It also includes personal stories from other young people with ADHD, adding a relatable and motivational element to the guide.

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The ADHD Hero Activity Book for Children

This engaging activity book is designed to help children with ADHD discover more about their condition through fun and educational activities. It includes puzzles, games, and exercises that encourage children to learn about the effects of ADHD, manage their symptoms, and recognise their unique strengths. The book aims to boost confidence and self-understanding, providing children with tools to express themselves and educate others about their experiences. Through interactive content, it also helps to demystify ADHD for family, friends, and teachers, fostering a supportive environment for the child.

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Stories That Never Stand Still

This is a vibrant and insightful book designed to celebrate the diverse experiences of individuals with ADHD. It provides a mixture of personal stories, struggles, and triumphs, illustrating the dynamic nature of living with ADHD. The resource aims to empower readers by highlighting the strengths and creative potential of those with ADHD, offering both inspiration and practical advice. This book is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to understand more about ADHD and to appreciate the unique qualities it can bring to one’s life.

Stories That Never Stand Still Celebrating ADHD

The Special Brain: A Story for Children to Understand the Science behind ADHD

This book is an essential educational tool, specifically created to assist young children in grasping the scientific concepts associated with ADHD. It plays a significant role in enhancing compliance with treatment and bolstering self-esteem post-diagnosis. The text’s straightforward language and engaging storytelling make it accessible and appealing to a young audience. It is also an excellent resource for families and professionals to facilitate discussions about ADHD with children.

The Special Brain A Story for Children to Understand the Science behind ADHD

Rainbow: ADHD Story for Girls

The book titled “Rainbow” is a comprehensive resource aimed at bridging the knowledge gap in ADHD education for children and young people. It provides deep insight into ADHD, particularly focusing on girls, and underscores the necessity for early detection and management. The content, presented in straightforward language, is designed to boost self-esteem and confidence, offering support for children both at home and in school. This book employs imaginative characters and storytelling to keep younger readers engaged and to help them connect more deeply with the narrative.

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The Wide Awake Kidz Club and the Sleep Crushers: A Story for Children about the Importance of Sleep

This is a compelling children’s storybook that introduces the importance of sleep through a narrative that is both engaging and instructive. The book presents a group of children with ADHD and Autism who learn about the impact of sleep on their daily lives and discover strategies to improve their sleep habits. Through a mix of storytelling and factual information, it offers practical tips for better sleep hygiene, aiming to improve the wellbeing of children with sleep difficulties. This resource not only educates children on good sleep practices but also provides useful information for parents and educators on supporting children’s nighttime routines.

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The Trouble with Dragons 

is a captivating children’s storybook that explores the challenges of dealing with unexpected problems through the metaphor of a boy named Olly and a dragon named Red. The narrative cleverly addresses issues of responsibility and problem-solving, while engaging young readers with its whimsical illustrations and relatable scenarios. This book is not only a fun read but also serves as a tool to teach children about handling difficulties and understanding the consequences of actions in an imaginative and accessible way. It is ideal for parents and educators seeking to encourage both empathy and creativity in their children.


The Adventures of The Umbrella Gang: Comic about Neurodiversity

“The Adventures of The Umbrella Gang” is a comic series designed to celebrate neurodiversity and the achievements of children with conditions like ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dyspraxia. It shares stories of characters who, despite their learning differences, showcase remarkable talents and succeed in various fields. This comic emphasises that educational grades do not define one’s potential and that with the right support and understanding, children with neurodiverse conditions can excel. The series provides encouragement and inspiration, demonstrating that every individual has unique strengths to offer.


ADHD Brain Racing Cars and Whirlwinds: A Story Book for Children 5 to 12 Years Olds and Families

This storybook has been designed to help children aged 5 to 12 years, and their families, understand ADHD and how it affects the brain’s functioning. Through the analogies of racing cars and whirlwinds, the book illustrates the experiences of children with ADHD, explaining their energetic and sometimes chaotic behaviour. It offers educational content in a child-friendly narrative, encouraging self-help strategies and knowledge enhancement about ADHD. Available as an interactive iBook, it is designed to be an engaging and accessible resource for children, parents, educators, and health professionals.

ADHD Brain Racing Cars and Whirlwinds: A Story Book for Children 5 to 12 Years Olds and Families free download

Lucky Horseshoes: A children’s Book Dealing with ADHD

“Lucky Horseshoes” from the Iris the Dragon Series is a children’s book that illustrates the experiences of a child with ADHD. Through a captivating story, it gives children with ADHD an opportunity to see themselves in the characters and understand their feelings and actions. This resource is designed to educate and foster discussions between children and their caregivers about mental health, aiming to dispel stigma and encourage empathy and understanding. The series highlights the importance of supportive communities and proactive care for children facing mental health challenges.

Lucky Horseshoes: A children's Book Dealing with ADHD

Guided Self-Management Tools for ADHD – CHildren 6-12

This is a practical guide offering evidence-based strategies to help children with ADHD enhance their behavioural and educational skills. It provides parents with clear instructions to increase structure at home and improve children’s planning, organisation, and problem-solving abilities. Worksheets within the guide assist both children and parents in implementing these skills through regular practice. This resource is designed to support families in managing ADHD symptoms effectively, promoting a structured and harmonious home environment.

Guided Self-Management Tools for ADHD - CHildren 6-12