Domestic abuse: educational toolkit – activities & resources for children/young people

‘Spiralling’ is an education toolkit and film for use as a resource to help prevent domestic abuse in the next generation, by carrying out activities with and for children and young people of all ages. It includes a short film about a young couple’s abusive relationship, and an extensive toolkit of resources and activities to do with young people.

Spiralling Toolkit Guide (Activity Pack): Young People and Domestic Violence and Abuse

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Spiralling Video

Spiralling Toolkit and DVD: Young People and Domestic Violence and Abuse from Bristol AVA on Vimeo.

Contents of the toolkit:

6 Introduction: why this tool kit and film were developed
9 Section 1
10 What is domestic abuse or violence?
11 What has domestic abuse got to do with schools?
12 What can schools do to help prevent domestic abuse?
13 Some facts about domestic abuse
14 Effects of domestic abuse on children
15 Ways that domestic abuse may affect child safety
16 Ways that domestic abuse may affect child welfare & development
17 Ways that domestic abuse may affect children’s education
19 The effects of domestic abuse on victims
20 Ways schools can help children affected by domestic abuse
21 Denial, minimisation and blame
22 What makes domestic abuse more likely?
23 What’s gender got to do with it?
25 Section 2
25 Themes for domestic abuse prevention
26 What helps to prevent domestic abuse?
29 Summary of themes
30 Section 3
30 How to use this tool kit
32 Age
33 Time
34 Drama and non verbal activities/games
34 How to use the drama activities
35 Drama and non verbal activities/games
36 Thinking about attitudes
38 Single gender groups
39 Other tips for activities
39 Using original sources of information
39 Using suggestion cards to stimulate discussion
40 Suggested programmes
40 Exercises that may be done in isolation
41 Suggested programmes
43 Whole school and assembly activities
44 A guide to “Spiralling” film
47 Sources of information and resources
51 How to develop new activities
52 Section 4
52 Activites
53 1. Warm-up activities co-operation, negotiation and non verbal communication
54 1. Walking
60 3. Circle activities
64 2. Competitive Games
68 4. Lines and shapes shared responsibility
70 5.Mirroring
73 2. Techniques for exploring stories: collaboration & positive relationships
74 1. Sculpting, Introducing Comic Strip
77 Developing sculpting; Types of relationships
80 Comic Strips
83 Gender
85 Girls and Boys
87 Courtroom game
88 Attitude Statements
89 Resolving an argument with a friend, relative or someone else you know well
93 What do I want in a relationship/friendship? What do I have to offer?
95 Domestic Abuse: what do you know? Quiz
97 With answers
100 Explanatory notes for leading the quiz
101 Explanatory otes for leading the quiz
103 Introduction to the film “Spiralling”
104 Who are the main characters in “Spiralling”?
105 Why is Lucy with Nathan?
105 Notes for discussion
106 Watching the rest of the film “Spiralling”
106 Introduction to forms of controlling behaviour
107 What forms of controlling and manipulative behaviour does Nathan use…
108 Notes on Nathan’s controlling behaviour
109 What is domestic abuse?
112 Excuses excuses: there’s no excuse for domestic abuse
115 Notes on excuses:
116 Domestic Abuse – it’s criminal
122 Notes for crimes activity
127 Crimes and sentences
128 Legal rights – a research and presentation activity
130 Legal rights notes
133 Warning signs of a potentially abusive relationship
135 What makes it difficult for someone to finish with an abusive boyfriend…
137 Reasons why Lucy is still with Nathan
138 What could someone do instead of choosing to abuse or control their…
140 What allows and helps an abusive person to abuse their partner/ex…
142 Notes on what makes it possible for Nathan (and others) to abuse…
143 What can friends do to help someone being abused?
145 Spotting the difference between a potentially abusive relationship….
147 Local services to help people being abused by partner or ex
149 Section 5
149 Safer relationships project
149 Activity record book
150 There’s something I want to tell you…
151 Domestic Violence quiz
154 The Film “Spiralling” introduction
155 Controlling and manipulative behaviour
156 What sorts of abusive behaviour might be included in a relationship where…
157 What sorts of abusive behaviour does Nathan use against Lucy?
157 What crimes might these be?
159 Excuses, excuses
161 Warning signs of an abusive relationship
162 Why is it hard for Lucy to finish with Nathan?
163 What can friends and other people do to help someone being abused?
164 What legal rights does a victim of domestic abuse have?
165 Crimes and sentences
166 What’s the difference between an abusive relationship and an ideal one?
167 Thinking about my friendships and relationships