Feel Good Activity Toolkit for Children and Young People

Feel Good Activity Toolkit for Children and Young People-thumbnailThe Feel Good Activity Toolkit is a valuable resource designed to promote emotional well-being among children and young people. This toolkit offers a range of engaging activities that not only encourage self-reflection on emotions but also support the achievement of awards such as the Hi5, Dynamic Youth Award, or Youth Achievement Award.

Contained within this toolkit are various activities, each designed to foster emotional awareness and well-being:

  1. Stand up if …
  2. Roll the dice
  3. Learning the lingo, emotional bingo
  4. How do I show my emotions
  5. What would you want in a friend?
  6. Create your own emoji
  7. Make a stress ball
  8. Make a moments jar
  9. Make a kindness jar
  10. Make a feel-good board
  11. Make a dream board
  12. Make a glitter jar
  13. Make a sensory bag
  14. Make a feel-good kit
  15. Make a rain stick
  16. What I like, traffic lights
  17. Five senses scavenger hunt
  18. Make kindness rocks
  19. The worried brain
  20. Helping hands
  21. Thankful letters
  22. Everyday acts of kindness
  23. Rays of sunshine
  24. Make scented play dough
  25. Play compliment tennis
  26. Make a breathing wand



Mental Health Kit for Children – Be Kind to Yourself and Others

The “Mental Health Kit for Children – Be Kind to Yourself and Others Worksheets” is an in-depth resource aimed at enhancing mental wellness among students in junior high school. It encompasses a variety of topics such as body image, healthy eating, stress management, and building healthy relationships. The kit provides structured lesson plans and activities designed to teach valuable life skills, promoting mental health awareness and self-care practices. With both classroom and take-home components, it facilitates student engagement and participation, fostering a comprehensive understanding of mental health in a supportive learning environment.

Mental Health Kit for Children – Be Kind to Yourself and Others Worksheets-free download

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