R U Bin Bullied? Tips 4 Teens booklet

This engaging booklet for teens covers the following topics:

Part one bullying- what is it?

  • How does it feel to be bullied?
  • What can you do to prevent bullying?
  • You are being bullied- what can you do?
  • What if you are being bullied by text?
  • What if you are attacked physically?
  • Will I ever feel safe again?
  • Sexual bullying and what to do

Part two r u a bully? Take d test

  • Why do you bully?
  • Things you need to know
  • Managing your anger
  • Mastering the green monster dealing with jealousy
  • Relational bullying- what is it?
  • Relational bullying- what to do if you are targeted
  • Relational bullying – r u a bystander?
  • Relational bullying- r u a queen bee?

Part three

  • R u a bystander?
  • Test yourself
  • What can you do?

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