The Growth Mindset Workbook for Teens

The Growth Mindset Workbook for Teens

The Growth Mindset Workbook is a helpful tool for social workers who work with young people. It contains 40 activities designed to teach teens about having a growth mindset. The workbook helps teenagers understand their strengths, set goals, and improve their relationships with others. It also has exercises to boost their self-esteem, like writing about things they are thankful for. Additionally, there are activities to help them manage their feelings and pay better attention. The workbook could benefit social workers and the young people their work with in both school and therapeutic contexts as a means to foster growth, resilience, and purpose.


Great Minds Together – Growth mindset program
Activity 22 – Grateful to be me
Activity 23 – Automatic thoughts
Activity 24 – Overcoming avoidance
Activity 25 – F.A.C.E
Activity 26 – Reflect and colour
Activity 27 – Behavioural experiment
Activity 28 – Positive self-talk
Activity 29 – Beyond our control
Activity 30 – Helicopter view
Activity 31 – My Mental Health CV
Activity 32 – Goal Genie
Activity 33 – Communication Styles
Activity 34 – Finding Alternative thoughts
Activity 35 – Silence
Activity 36 – Noticing sensations
Activity 37 – Life Map
Activity 38 – Colour circle
Activity 39 – Check box
Activity 40 – You did it!


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