The safe parenting handbook

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This resource is a handbook aimed at providing parents and caregivers with guidance on various aspects of raising children safely and positively. It covers a wide range of topics relevant to childcare, including babysitting, bedwetting, bullying, child protection, choosing activities, domestic abuse, health and safety, internet safety, positive parenting, sexual exploitation, teenage issues, temper tantrums, and worrying signs.

The handbook emphasises the rights of children to feel secure, be protected from harm, and receive quality care. It aims to help parents navigate the complexities of parenting by offering practical tips, key contacts, prevention strategies, and suggested responses if problems arise.

Specific topics covered include the importance of choosing a trustworthy babysitter, managing bedwetting sensitively, spotting signs of bullying and intervening appropriately, understanding child protection procedures, selecting quality childcare, teaching internet safety, fostering self-esteem, talking about relationships with teenagers, dealing with temper tantrums, and recognizing warning signs of abuse.

The tone is friendly, reassuring and non-judgemental. It validates that parenting can be challenging and encourages parents to seek help when needed. It stresses the importance of open communication with children, developing a close relationship with them, setting appropriate boundaries and providing a nurturing environment.

Issues covered:

  • Babysitting
  • Bedwetting & sleeping difficulties
  • Bullying
  • Child protection
  • Childminding & daycare
  • Children left alone
  • Children with disabilities
  • Choosing children’s activities
  • Domestic abuse
  • Don’t shake the baby
  • Drug & alcohol misuse
  • Health & safety
  • Healthy eating
  • Internet safety
  • Missing from home and school
  • Positive parenting & self-esteem
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Temper tantrums