Understanding personality disorders booklet

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The guide from the mental health charity Mind offers information on personality disorders, their connection to mental health problems, and possible causes. It explains personality disorders involve persistent difficulties relating to oneself or others that significantly impact daily functioning.

The guide covers the ten classifications of personality disorders and criteria for diagnosis. Controversies around the term ‘personality disorder’ are acknowledged. Practical self-care suggestions are provided like distraction techniques, talking to someone, and peer support. Various treatment options are outlined including talking therapies, therapeutic communities, and medications.

Tips help loved ones provide compassionate support through patience, not judging, planning ahead, and learning triggers. Additional guidance is offered on advocating for appropriate treatment and planning for a crisis. Useful organisations and Mind’s confidential helplines provide further support.

While validating the painful nature of personality disorders, the guide emphasizes recovery is possible. Its insights aim to increase understanding, while practical advice empowers individuals to manage their wellbeing.


What is a personality disorder?
What are the different types of personality disorder?
What causes personality disorder?
Why is it controversial?
What treatment can help?
How can I help myself?
How can other people help?
Useful contacts