Healthy Body Image: Information & Interactive Activities

Healthy Body Image: Information & Interactive Activities“Healthy Body Image: Information & Interactive Activities” is a comprehensive resource consisting of 107 pages dedicated to promoting the development of a healthy body image. It offers a variety of information and engaging activities to facilitate positive self-perception and body acceptance. The activities are designed to engage individuals in self-reflection, discussions, creative expression, and interactive exercises that challenge societal beauty standards and foster a positive relationship with one’s body. By participating in these activities, individuals can develop a healthier body image, celebrate their unique qualities, and gain tools to navigate social pressures related to appearance.

Table of Contents:
Activity 1: Scavenger Hunt (Icebreaker)
Activity 2: How’s Your Body Image?
Activity 3: Body expression!
Activity 4: What Makes an Ideal Body?
Activity 5: Celebrate Your Unique Qualities
Activity 6: Social Pressure (TV Shows)
Activity 7: Magazine Collage!
Activity 8: Mixed Messages
Activity 9: Who Says Who is Beautiful
Activity 10: Circle of Influence
Activity 11: Balloon Activity
Activity 12: Warm Fuzzies
Activity 13: Journal Entry Exercise
Activity 14: Ball Toss!
Activity 15: The Diet Trap
Activity 16: The Body Image Thing
Activity 17: Music – Song Lyrics