Jasper’s Wish: A Story for a Child with a Parent Struggling with Alcohol

Jasper's Wish: A Story for a Child with a Parent Struggling with Alcohol“Jasper’s Wish” by Dr. Jessica Munafò is a touching and insightful children’s book dedicated to helping young readers understand and cope with the complexities of living with a parent who struggles with alcohol abuse. Through the story of Jasper, a young boy who finds himself staying with his grandmothers, Nana Hannah and Nana Mindy, after his mother is taken to the hospital due to excessive drinking, the book addresses the feelings of confusion, worry, and the many questions children in such situations might have.

The narrative explores Jasper’s journey as he grapples with questions like whether it’s his fault his mother drinks too much, whether he can stop her from drinking, and whether he is alone in experiencing such family issues. With the gentle guidance of his grandmothers, Jasper learns important lessons about addiction, personal responsibility, and the power of hope and understanding.


  • Promotes Emotional Literacy: Helps children articulate their feelings and concerns about living with a parent who drinks excessively.
  • Encourages Compassion and Understanding: Provides insights into the nature of addiction, helping children understand it’s not their fault and that they cannot control others’ behaviors.
  • Supports Coping Strategies: Through Jasper’s story, readers learn ways to cope with their emotions and find solace in safe, supportive environments.
  • Fosters Open Communication: Acts as a conversation starter for children and adults, encouraging open discussions about difficult topics in a non-threatening way.
  • Builds Awareness: Increases awareness around the impact of parental alcohol abuse on children, highlighting the importance of support and understanding.

How It Can Be Used:

  • In Family Settings: Can be read together by children and their caregivers to foster understanding and discussion about the impact of alcohol abuse.
  • Educational and Support Groups: Ideal for use in schools, counselling sessions, and support groups to help children feel less isolated and more understood.
  • As a Therapeutic Tool: Therapists and counsellors can use Jasper’s story to help young clients express their feelings and fears about a parent’s drinking problem.
  • Community Outreach: Organizations focused on addiction, family support, and children’s welfare can use the book in their outreach and educational programs.

“Jasper’s Wish” stands out as a valuable resource for children and families navigating the challenges of addiction. By weaving a narrative that is both compassionate and informative, it provides hope and practical advice for those feeling overwhelmed by a loved one’s struggle with alcohol.