Child Drugs Exploitation: Young People’s Programme Guide

Child Drugs Exploitation: Young People's Programme GuideThis “toolbox” is aimed at those working directly with young people identified as vulnerable to exploitation. It is presented as a selection of individual activities that can be completed in 1-1 sessions or as part of a group work programme.

These activities have been developed and adapted from the direct work being undertaken by Oxfordshire Youth Justice Service – Substance Misuse and Exploitation Team as well as from adapting existing resources. All the activities have been trialed with young people and there has been input from the young people directly.

The toolbox may enable practitioners to build relationships with those at risk of exploitation, influence
their thinking, enable the recognition of risk and consequences and help develop the young
person’s resilience, protective thinking and behaviours.

The activities in the tool kit are presented in a way that hopefully encourages free thinking
and adaptation. The tools can be used in any order and are not presented in a liner structure.
They can be used as prescribed or as a starting point for further discussions and
activities. We have resisted adding timings for the activities for this reason.

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Introduction How to use this “Toolbox”

  • Exploring offending history
  • Understanding “Gangs”
  • Understanding “Exploitation”
  • Messages in Music
  • Circle of influence
  • What Makes ME, me
  • Things Push and Pull
  • Wheel of Life
    Risk and Reward
  • Protective Factors/Risk Factors
  • Identifying risky behaviours
  • Safety planning

Appendix 1 – Evaluation Form


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