Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept Storybook

Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept Storybook“Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept” is a key resource designed to help kids and the adults in their lives discuss body safety. Focused on the critical concept of safe and unsafe touch, this book provides a gentle yet clear way to address this sensitive topic.

At its core, the book tells children that their bodies belong to them. It teaches them that there are some secrets, especially those about their bodies, that shouldn’t be kept. This is vital in empowering them to speak up and protect themselves.

One of the strengths of this book is how it presents its message. Written for young minds, it ensures kids understand its important lessons without causing fear or anxiety. This age-appropriate approach ensures that children remain engaged and comfortable.

For social workers and other professionals, the book offers valuable guidance. At the end, there are detailed notes and discussion prompts. These are designed to help adults talk about the story with kids and address any questions or concerns that come up. Essentially, it gives professionals a roadmap for handling such a delicate topic.


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