Children’s Participation Toolkit for Social Workers (activities & worksheets)

The booklet contains various activities, worksheets and templates assisting social workers and early help workers to involve children in the process of assessments, intervention planning as well as conducting reviews in a positive, supportive and enabling way.

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  • Chapter 1 – Contents, acknowledgements and introduction
  • Chapter 2 – Engaging
    Board game
    Verbal and written explanations of engaging for assessment
  • Chapter 3 – Assessment
    Three houses
    Life paths
    Problem tree
    Helping hand
    Notes for my assessment
  • Chapter 4 – Planning
    Snakes and ladders
    Notes for my conference
    Safety house
  • Chapter 5 – Review
    LAC consultation booklet
    Thinking ahead
  • Chapter 6 – Exploring families and relationships
    Life story work
  • Chapter 7 – Expressing emotions
    Feelings worksheets
  • Chapter 8 – Good practice examples
    Archie goes on holiday
    Jessica’s book
    All about me
  • Chapter 9 – Feeling safe book
  • Chapter 10 – Appendices
    Useful links and resources
    Emma Potter’s pictorial
    Assessment explanation

Click here to view/download