Explaining Adoption to Your Child: Parents’ guide

Explaining Adoption to Your Child: Parents' guideThis factsheet provides basic guidelines and advice for adoptive parents on how to talk to their child about adoption. The factsheet covers important topics such as when to tell your child about their adoption, how to approach the conversation, and what to say (and not to say). The guide also emphasises the importance of addressing the parents’ own feelings about adoption and provides tips on how to help their child cope with negative attitudes from others. The guide offers practical advice and answers common questions, such as what to tell their child about their birthparents and why they were adopted, as well as how to handle situations where their child may get upset or they may say the wrong thing. Overall, this factsheet is an essential resource for adoptive parents who want to ensure that their child understands their adoption in a healthy and positive way.


Should I Tell My Child He’s Adopted?
How Do I Get Started?
Make it an Ongoing Process
What If My Child Gets Upset?
What If I Say the Wrong Thing?
At What Age Should I Begin?
What Should I Tell My Child About the Birthparents?
What Should I Tell My Child About Why He Was Adopted? “
Your Birthmother Loved You But . . .”

“The Birthparents Were Poor”
Other Do’s and Don’ts
When Your Child Is of a Different Racial/Ethnic Heritage Than You
When Your Child Was Adopted as an Older Child
Open Adoptions
Good and Bad Times To Talk With Your Child
Dealing with Feelings of Sadness
Helping Your Child Deal with Negative Attitudes from Others