A parent workbook: Support your child with school-based anxiety

This is a self-help workbook for parents and carers to support children and young people who may be experiencing anxiety that is based around school. It explains what anxiety is and what it feels like, but mainly it gives practical advice and activities that you can do if you are struggling to attend school due to anxiety.

What is school-based anxiety?
Fight, Flight or Freeze
What do you do?
What are some of the common reasons for school-based anxiety?
What are the signs?
Activity 1: Help your child identify what it feels like when they are anxious
When does anxiety become a problem?
The Cycle of Anxiety
Activity 2: Identifying what someone may be thinking, feeling and acting when anxious
Coping with feelings (Grounding Techniques)
Activity 3 – Breathing Techniques
5 finger breathing
Activity 4: Square breathing
Activity 5: Counting
Activity 6 – Muscle Relaxation
Challenge their behaviour
Activity 7: Challenging their behaviour
Top tips for challenging behaviour
Behaviour challenge trackers
Activity 8: Take a break activities
Activity 9: Distraction
Activity 10: Rating possible reasons for worry
Activity11: What thoughts were running through their heads?
Worry time
Activity 12: The Worry Time Technique
Activity 13: Positive self-talk
Other activities that may help:
Other Tips
Websites and Apps

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