My Feelings Workbook for Children

My Feelings Workbook for ChildrenThis is a 15-page printable workbook to help children understand and manage their emotions, particularly anxiety and worry. It is designed to be completed by a child with guidance from a parent, teacher, counselor or social worker.

The workbook features Billie the Goat as a guide who explains what emotions are and how anxiety can sometimes play tricks on us. It incorporates video links and activities based on the Kind Farm animated series about emotional regulation.

Some key sections focus on staying physically and mentally strong, identifying emotions, applying strategies like positive self-talk and breathing exercises, and matching emotions to helpful coping strategies.

The child is prompted to personalize the experience by naming their own worries, drawing different facial expressions, filling out reflection questions, and developing a personal mantra. Yoga poses, drawing, matching games, and coloring exercises make it lively and interactive.

With its friendly tone and engaging activities, this resource can help adults guide children in understanding and constructively expressing their feelings, building resilience, and knowing when to seek help.