Sibling Sexual Behaviour Home Safety Plan

Sibling Sexual Behaviour Home Safety Plan

The Sibling Sexual Behaviour Home Safety Plan is a crucial resource designed to assist children, young people, their families, and professionals in managing and addressing concerns related to inappropriate, problematic, or abusive sibling sexual behaviour. This plan serves as a comprehensive guide to identifying steps that can be taken to enhance safety within the family setting, particularly when siblings have displayed sexual behaviours that fall outside developmental norms and may cause harm.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The plan encompasses a broad spectrum of scenarios, including biological siblings, step- or half-siblings, and cousins, ensuring that a wide range of family dynamics are considered.
  • Collaborative Approach: Emphasizes the importance of involving children, young people, their parents or carers, and professionals in the creation of the safety plan, ensuring that it is tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each family.
  • Promotes Healthy Relationships: The plan is designed to support the children or young people’s development and promote healthy, respectful relationships among siblings, avoiding punitive measures.
  • Strength-Based Perspective: Recognises the importance of identifying and harnessing the strengths of children, young people, and their families to reduce risky behaviours and promote positive development.
  • Flexibility for Various Living Arrangements: Acknowledges that children may live in different households or care environments, recommending the creation of separate plans for each setting to maintain consistency and safety across all environments.

This safety plan can be used as a framework to address specific behaviours of concern, outline family and children’s strengths, and set clear, actionable steps for ensuring safety at home and outside. It covers aspects such as the physical home environment, supervision and routines, rules and boundaries, internet access, sexual safety, and relationships between children, ensuring a holistic approach to managing sibling sexual behaviour.

The Sibling Sexual Behaviour Home Safety Plan is an invaluable tool for families and professionals working together to address complex challenges associated with sibling sexual behavior. By focusing on prevention, intervention, and the promotion of positive relationships and behaviors, this plan helps create safer, more supportive environments for all children and young people involved.