“How Do You Feel About…?” Worksheet for Children

"How Do You Feel About…?" Worksheet for ChildrenThe “How Do You Feel About…?” worksheet is designed to help children assess and express their feelings and happiness levels in key areas of their lives.

General instructions: The child should colour in the happy, neutral or unhappy face that best represents how they generally feel about each life area on the worksheet. They should then use the text box to explain the reason for their selected feeling.

Sections include:

  • Home – The child colors in a happy, neutral, or unhappy face to indicate how they generally feel about their home life. There is a text box for them to explain why they feel that way.
  • School – Same format for the child to share their general feelings about school.
  • Family – The child selects a face to express how they feel about their family overall.
  • Hobbies – The child indicates how content or enthusiastic they feel about their hobbies and interests.
  • Friends – The child shares how they feel about their friendships and social life.
  • About You – This allows the child to colour in a face to show how they feel about themselves in general.

The worksheet provides a simple way for children to identify areas of happiness or unhappiness through visual expression and written explanation. This can help social workers and other professionals gain valuable insights into the child’s perspective and emotional landscape. It can be used for initial assessment or ongoing progress tracking in therapy.


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