Let’s Be Friends Again – Storybook (sibling conflict)

Let's Be Friends Again - Storybook (sibling conflict)

“Let’s Be Friends Again” by Hans Wilhelm is a charming and insightful children’s picture book that explores the valuable lessons of friendship, forgiveness, and understanding. Through delightful illustrations and relatable characters, the story unfolds to teach young readers about the power of resolving conflicts and rebuilding connections. With a heartwarming narrative, the book invites children to discover the joy of mending relationships and embracing the beauty of friendship. “Let’s Be Friends Again” is a must-read for parents, educators, and children alike, offering a gentle and memorable exploration of the dynamics of human interaction and the importance of empathy in building strong bonds.



Meesha Makes Friends Storybook

The book tells the story of Meesha, a young girl who finds it difficult to make friends. She is creative and enjoys making things, but when it comes to understanding social cues and interacting with other children, she struggles. The book explores themes of friendship, social skills, and the importance of accepting oneself while also learning to understand others. It is a useful resource for children who may find social situations challenging and for those who wish to understand their peers who might struggle in this area. The story is presented in a sensitive and accessible way, making it suitable for young readers and useful for adults who work with children.

Meesha Makes Friends by Tom Pecival

Meesha Makes Friends Activity Pack

The “Meesha Makes Friends Activity Pack” is a creative and engaging resource designed to help children develop social skills and friendships. It includes a variety of activities like colouring, drawing, and writing, which encourage children to think about the qualities of a good friend and how to be one. This pack is ideal for use in educational settings or at home, assisting in teaching important social skills and fostering positive peer interactions among children.

Meesha Makes Friends Activity Pack