Understanding and managing difficult feelings in autism: Parent resource pack

This resource is a guide for parents and carers to help children with emotional regulation. It covers six steps to emotional regulation, including naming and talking about feelings, managing stress and behavior, and using visual scales and thermometers to manage anxiety and anger. The guide also includes strategies for energy management, relaxation, and calming, as well as verbal techniques for high-stress situations. In addition, the guide offers a parent autism toolbox with additional resources and printable worksheets. It emphasises the importance of self-care for parents and carers, providing a comprehensive resource for promoting emotional well-being in children.

Introduction and the 6 steps to emotional regulation
Pyramid of parenting strategies
Taking care of yourself
Parent autism toolbox
Naming and talking about feelings
Fight, flight and freeze
Making sense of body feelings
Stress bucket
Behaviour iceberg
Visual scales and thermometers
Anxiety and anger curves
Energy management
Relaxation and calming strategies
Putting a plan together
Managing meltdowns
Verbal strategies for high stress situations
Further resources
Printable resources and blank worksheets

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