Mood Crew: Tools for Understanding Emotions age 4-10 (Worbook & Activities)

Navigating emotions is an essential part of growing up, and it’s crucial to begin this emotional education at a young age. The DBSA Mood Crew Programme is an educational initiative aimed at children between the ages of 4 to 10. Its objective is to help adults—whether they are parents, caregivers, educators, or clinicians—initiate positive discussions about emotions and feelings with young children.

Learning to recognise and discuss feelings can set the stage for a lifetime of mental well-being. The programme is designed to benefit all children but may be particularly helpful for those who are struggling with emotional challenges. In some instances, it may even aid in identifying early signs of mood disorders like depression and bipolar disorder.


This download is a comprehensive workbook containing informational sheets, engaging activities, and enjoyable games for each Mood Crew character. It encompasses the entire Mood Crew programme, designed to facilitate learning about emotions.

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Learning emotions feelings children workbook

Mood Crew Activities

The Mood Crew offers a variety of activities aimed at making the learning process about emotions enjoyable. These include:

  • Matching Moods Game: This game, similar to Memory, helps children identify and discuss emotions with conversation prompts.
  • Moods in Motion: Activities like acting, drawing, and writing connect the mind to the body, promoting emotional grounding and healthier responses.
  • Back To School: This resource assists children in adjusting emotionally to the return to school, acknowledging the range of emotions they may experience.

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Activities teaching children feelings emotions

Days of the Feels

Utilize the weekly mood tracker to discover mood patterns, aiding both you and your child in understanding and managing emotions over time.

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Emotions feelings express diary record children

Mood Crew Stories

Explore short stories that showcase how the crew members interact with one another, providing valuable lessons about emotions in relatable scenarios.

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Stories emotions feelings angry happy sad

Coloring (PDF)

Enjoy some creative fun by downloading coloring sheets featuring the Mood Crew members, allowing children to add their own colorful touches.

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Emotions feelings colouring sheets files