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Sticky Brain Storybook: Mindfulness Learning for Children
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Sticky Brain Storybook: Mindfulness Learning for Children

This illustrated children’s book uses the story of a girl named Aria to explain the concept of negativity bias in a child-friendly way. It depicts Aria having a difficult week…

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My Inside Weather: Storybook about Emotions

This picture book aims to help children understand and express their emotions using the metaphor of weather. It begins by acknowledging that while it’s easy to talk about the weather…

Mood crew emotions feelings tools programme
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Mood Crew: Tools for Understanding Emotions age 4-10 (Worbook & Activities)

Navigating emotions is an essential part of growing up, and it’s crucial to begin this emotional education at a young age. The DBSA Mood Crew Programme is an educational initiative…

My feelings & Emotions Tracker
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My feelings & Emotions Tracker

“My Feelings & Emotions Tracker” is a valuable booklet designed to assist parents and caregivers in monitoring and understanding their children’s emotions on a daily basis. This resource provides a…

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My feelings workbook: naming & exploring emotions

The “My Feelings Workbook” is a powerful resource designed to help children recognise and explore their emotions. This book aims to support children in the healing process by teaching them…

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Feelings cards; naming feelings

Social workers can use the Feelings Cards: Naming Feelings Poster in various ways to support children’s emotional development and enhance their understanding of feelings. Here are some suggestions: Individual Sessions:…

Big Feelings Come and Go Storybook
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Big Feelings Come and Go Storybook

The “Big Feelings Come and Go Storybook” is a valuable resource developed by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection to help children navigate their emotions and develop essential self-regulation skills….

Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe - videos for pre-school children
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Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe – videos for pre-school children

“Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe” is a series of videos designed for pre-school children to watch with parents, carers, or professionals. Each short film aims to spark conversations about emotions and…

Feeling good: promoting children's mental health (activity sheets for children)
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Feeling good: promoting children’s mental health (activity sheets for children)

This resource aims to promote positive mental health in young children aged 4-7 years old. It includes a set of 6 activity sheets with illustrations, guidance notes for parents, and…