It’s not okay to shake babies: info sheet for parents

It’s not okay to shake babies: info sheet for parents

“It’s not okay to shake babies” is an informative and essential resource for parents and caregivers, raising awareness about the dangers of shaking infants. This information sheet highlights the severe consequences that shaking a baby can have on their fragile developing brains and provides valuable tips on how to respond to a crying baby safely.

The resource addresses the common questions parents may have about why shaking a baby is so dangerous and emphasises the normalcy of a baby’s crying. It emphasises the importance of creating a safety plan to cope with the challenges of infant care and offers practical strategies to soothe and calm a crying baby.

Recognising that parents may experience moments of frustration, the info sheet provides guidance on how to manage these feelings and what to do if a parent feels they are at risk of losing control. It stresses the significance of seeking help and support from local services or organisations.

“It’s not okay to shake babies” serves as a vital tool in promoting safe and responsible parenting, ensuring that parents have the knowledge and resources to protect their infants from the harmful effects of shaking and respond appropriately to their needs.


It’s not OK to shake babies
Why is it so dangerous to shake a baby?
Why does my baby cry so much?
How about making a safety plan?
Tips to calm your baby
If you think you are in danger of “losing it”
What if a baby has been shaken?
Help is there for you (replace the list by providing contact details for local support services)


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