Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe – videos for pre-school children

“Feeling Happy, Feeling Safe” is a series of videos designed for pre-school children to watch with parents, carers, or professionals. Each short film aims to spark conversations about emotions and safety, providing discussion questions to engage children in meaningful dialogue.

Feeling Happy

“Feeling Happy” introduces the idea of talking about feelings.

It shows a happy scenario: a birthday party. The children talk about things they like and things that make them happy, such as receiving presents and eating cake.

This video can help adults begin conversations with children about their emotions, likes and dislikes.

Feeling Safe

In “Feeling Safe”, Jack climbs up too high, and feels scared.

While watching this video, ask children about what makes them feel safe or not safe. You can also use this video help discuss with children how they can help stay safe.

Getting Lost

Getting lost is a common experience for young children.

It’s important that children have some ideas to help them in case they get lost. After the story, work out simple rules together and practice what to do.

Saying No

Sometimes children need to stay no to stay safe.

After watching the video, help children practice saying a loud, assertive “no”; apply it to various situations.


Most children like certain touches, although every child is different in what they like and dislike.

This films allows you to talk together about the subject.

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