Emotional Well-being Pack for Ages 3-12

The “Emotional Well-Being Pack for ages 3-12” is a helpful booklet designed to provide support for children aged three to twelve who want to improve their emotional well-being. The booklet is intended to be read together with a parent or carer, and it explains what emotional well-being is and how to achieve it. The guide offers a range of practical ideas and exercises that young people can use to take care of their mind and body, and includes exercises that can be done with a trusted adult or alone. The booklet is designed to be flexible, allowing young people to do as many or as few exercises as they choose. It can also be taken to therapy sessions to discuss with a therapist. Overall, this guide is an excellent resource for young people who want to learn more about emotional well-being and how to take care of themselves.

What is emotional well-being?
My feelings
What to do when I don’t feel emotionally well
Eating healthily
Draw your favourite healthy foods
Feeling confident
Reasons why I love myself
Feeling worried?
My worries
More information

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