Safety Planning with Children & Youth: Domestic Abuse

Safety Planning with Children & Youth: Domestic Abuse

“Safety Planning with Children & Youth: Domestic Abuse” is a comprehensive resource designed to assist professionals, caregivers, and individuals working with children and young people who have been impacted by domestic abuse. The resource focuses on the importance of safety planning and provides practical tools and guidance to create personalised safety plans that cater to the unique needs and age groups of children and youth.

The contents of this resource include ‘My safety plan’ templates for both older and younger children, along with guidance on how to develop a safety plan in collaboration with children. The resource also provides information on other free ‘domestic abuse resources’ available for children and young people, and an appendix featuring sample scripts for safety planning sessions.

By utilising this resource, professionals and caregivers can empower children and youth to actively participate in their safety planning, enabling them to make informed decisions and take proactive steps to protect themselves in the face of domestic violence.


• ‘My safety plan’ template (for older children)
• ‘My safety plan’ template for younger children
• Guidance: developing a safety plan with children
• Other free ‘domestic abuse resources’ for children and young people
• Appendix: Print out – sample scripts for safety planning with children
and youth


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