Sexual safety plan template – child & carer

Sexual safety plan template - child & carer

The “Sexual Safety Plan Template – Child & Carer” is a resource designed to establish guidelines and rules to ensure the safety and well-being of children in a family or facility. It is intended for use by individuals and agencies providing services and support to children and youth.

The template includes a series of agreements and rules that promote a safe and respectful environment. It covers various aspects of personal boundaries, privacy, appropriate behaviors, and consent. The agreements address topics such as entering someone else’s bedroom, going through personal belongings, appropriate touching, safe sleep arrangements, and the importance of open communication.

The template emphasises the importance of consent, respecting personal boundaries, and understanding and recognizing safe touch. It also provides guidelines for appropriate behavior in relation to sexuality, nudity, sharing sexual materials, and online safety.

By signing the plan, all parties involved, including the child/youth, parent/guardian/caretaker, counselor/therapist/case manager, and siblings/roommates/housemates, acknowledge and commit to following these rules and ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved.


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