The Teen Relationship Workbook: for professionals helping teens to develop healthy relationships and prevent domestic abuse; 68 worksheets

The Teen Relationship Workbook is for professionals working with young people to prevent or end relationship abuse. The workbook can be used in individual sessions, educational settings andpsych-educational or support groups.

Although the workbook is certainly appropriate as a means of general education on relationship issues, it is primarily intended as a tool for engaging victims, perpetrators and those at risk of being either, in the following tasks:

  1. Identifying the healthy and unhealthy characteristics of relationships they are in, have been in or may be in in the future;
  2. Understanding the dynamics of emotional, physical and sexual abuse in intimate relationships;
  3. Exploring and clarifying their own values, beliefs and attitudes about gender roles and intimate relationships;
  4. Becoming empowered to make positive, healthy decisions about their own intimate relationship.

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