Free ‘Stopping the Pain: A Workbook for Teens Who Self-Injure’

Stopping the Pain: A Workbook for Teens Who Self-Injure“Stopping the Pain: A Workbook for Teens Who Self-Injure” is a valuable resource designed to help teenagers struggling with self-injury. Divided into sections, it offers a series of activities that encourage self-reflection, understanding emotions, and building healthier coping strategies. The workbook is intended to complement counseling sessions with trained professionals or can be used as psychological homework.

Covering various aspects of self-injury, the activities delve into understanding self-image, body image, and the underlying causes behind the behavior. The workbook also emphasizes the importance of connecting with others and seeking support from parents and peers.

The workbook guides teens through the process of conquering self-injury by creating safe spaces, setting goals, coping with stress, and adopting healthier lifestyles. Additionally, it explores the role of spiritual faith in the recovery process.


Section I Getting Ready to Help Yourself
Activity 1 What You Say Is Private
Activity 2 SI Does Not Have to Be a Secret
Activity 3 What Do You Know About SI?
Activity 4 Why Do People Hurt Themselves?
Activity 5 Are You Ready to Stop Hurting Yourself?

Section II Thinking About Yourself and Your SI
Activity 6 What Is Your Self-Image?
Activity 7 You Can Change Yourself If You Want To
Activity 8 What Is Your Body Image?
Activity 9 Can You Treat Your Body Better?
Activity 10 Understanding Why You Self-Injure
Activity 11 Are You Like Other People Who Self-Injure?
Activity 12 Describing Your SI
Activity 13 You Are Much More Than a Person Who Self-Injures
Activity 14 Understanding Your Feelings
Activity 15 What Causes Your Feelings?
Activity 16 Faulty Thinking Can Contribute to Feelings of Helplessness and Despair
Activity 17 You Can Correct Your Faulty Automatic Thoughts
Activity 18 Doing Things That Will Make You Happy
Activity 19 Avoiding Things You Can Use to Hurt Yourself
Activity 20 What You Can Do Instead of Hurting Yourself

Section III Connecting with Others
Activity 21 Talking with People About Who You Really Are
Activity 22 Your Parents Need to Know How You Are Feeling
Activity 23 Telling Your Parents What They Should or Shouldn’t Say

Section IV Conquering Your SI
Activity 24 Finding a Safe Place Where You Can Stop Hurting Yourself
Activity 25 Creating a Safe Place in Your Mind
Activity 26 Setting Goals for Yourself Will Help You Stop Your SI
Activity 27 Creating an SI Emergency Kit
Activity 28 Coping with Stress
Activity 29 Learning to Be Mindful
Activity 30 Dealing with Upsetting Thoughts and Feelings
Activity 31 What Triggers Your Upsetting Thoughts and Behaviors?
Activity 32 Desensitizing Yourself to Your Upsetting Thoughts and Feelings
Activity 33 Facing Your Problems Around Food
Activity 34 Do You Have a Healthy Lifestyle?
Activity 35 Facing Problems with Drugs and Alcohol
Activity 36 Spiritual Faith May Help You Stop Self-Injury
Activity 37 Are You Prepared to Stop Your Self-Injury?
Activity 38 Reviewing What You Have Learned About Your SI
Activity 39 You Can Help Yourself by Helping Others