Stress Management Wellbeing Workbooks

Stress Management Wellbeing Workbooks
The Stress Management Wellbeing Workbooks are designed to help individuals learn about stress and develop strategies to reduce worry and anxiety. There are four workbooks in total, each taking around 2 hours to complete. They provide information, exercises, and games to promote understanding and improve overall wellbeing.

By engaging with the Stress Management Wellbeing Workbooks, individuals can develop a greater awareness of their stress levels and gain valuable coping strategies to reduce worry and anxiety. The interactive nature of the workbooks allows for active participation and self-reflection, enabling individuals to personalise their stress management journey. These resources provide a structured framework for individuals to explore and enhance their overall wellbeing while building resilience in the face of stress.


Workbook 1: What is Stress?
Workbook 2: Behaviour and Stress
Workbook 3: Thought Patterns and Stress
Workbook 4: Problem Solving and Wellbeing