The ADHD Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Gain Motivation and Confidence

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD OF THE ADHD WORKBOOK FOR TEENS: ACTIVITIES TO HELP YOU GAIN MOTIVATION AND CONFIDENCE“The ADHD Workbook for Teens: Activities to Help You Gain Motivation and Confidence” is a practical guidebook tailored for teenagers dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This workbook offers a series of engaging activities and exercises aimed at assisting young individuals in developing essential skills to manage their ADHD effectively.

Through straightforward language and user-friendly instructions, the book covers various aspects of ADHD, including understanding its impact on daily life, enhancing organizational skills, improving focus, and boosting self-confidence. It provides valuable tools and strategies to empower teenagers to take charge of their ADHD-related challenges.

The workbook’s activities are designed to be accessible and relatable for teenagers, making it a valuable resource for both individuals with ADHD and their families. It promotes a sense of self-awareness and equips teenagers with practical skills to navigate school, relationships, and daily responsibilities with greater ease.

A Note from the Author
Activity 1: Having ADHD
Activity 2: When is your ADHD a problem?
Activity 3: Defining yourself by what you can do
Activity 4: What went right?
Activity 5: Finding a good match for your skills
Activity 6: Your personality traits and learning style
Activity 7: Creating strategies to overcome obstacles
Activity 8: Using your goals to motivate you
Activity 9: Identifying and expressing your feelings
Activity 10: Taking charge of your thoughts
Activity 11: Building your brain
Activity 12: Listening when you feel like you can’t
Activity 13: Noticing when you’re feeling hyperactive
Activity 14: Pushing back against your “can’ts”
Activity 15: Ending the blame game
Activity 16: Learning from your jealousy
Activity 17: Are you normal?
Activity 18: Changing your breathing, changing your mood
Activity 19: What you can do about worry
Activity 20: Letting go of family problems
Activity 21: How to get high without drugs or alcohol
Activity 22: Taking a stand against peer pressure
Activity 23: Gaining confidence
Activity 24: Connecting with your family
Activity 25: Handling criticism
Activity 26: Studying on Saturdays
Activity 27: The power of fifteen minutes a day
Activity 28: Failing your way to success
Activity 29: Success stories
Activity 30: Facing uncomfortable feelings
Activity 31: Focusing on where you want to go
Activity 32: Getting organized
Activity 33: Risky behaviors
Activity 34: Classroom accommodations
Activity 35: What makes a good friend?
Activity 36: How to succeed in love
Activity 37: Spending time in nature
Activity 38: Reaching for the stars
Activity 39: Identifying your support systems
Activity 40: Asking for help



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