Coping with Separation Guide: For PARENTS of Children Between 6 and 12

The “Coping with Separation: For Parents of Children Between 6 and 12” booklet is specifically designed for parents of children aged 6 to 12 who are going through a separation. Separation can be a challenging and painful process for both children and parents. However, there are ways you can support your child during this difficult time. This resource aims to provide guidance and strategies to help you as a parent or guardian:

  • Understand your child’s needs before, during, and after separation.
  • Recognise and respond effectively to your child’s reactions to separation.
  • Respect your child’s right to be informed and consulted about the family changes.
  • Understand your crucial role in supporting your child’s adjustment and well-being in the short, medium, and long term.

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  • Why focus on children’s needs and rights during separation?
  • What does separation mean for children and parents?
  • Will separation have a damaging and permanent effect on our child?
  • How can we manage our separation in the least damaging way for our child?
  • How and what do we tell our child about the separation?
  • How might our child react to the news?
  • What practical steps can we take to support our child’s well-being before, during, and after separation?
  • How will our child react to separation, and what can we do to help?
  • How can we keep in touch with our child’s feelings?
  • How can we learn to communicate effectively as parents during and after separation?
  • How will our child respond if one or both of us have a new partner?
  • How can I support my child when my former partner repeatedly misses visits or no longer stays in contact?
  • How can we help our child through the separation, particularly when we often feel overwhelmed by the changes and demands?
  • Sources of Further Information


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