The ‘Hurt Yourself Less’ Workbook – self-harm prevention & recovery

The 'Hurt Yourself Less' Workbook - self-harm prevention & recovery

The ‘Hurt Yourself Less’ Workbook is a valuable resource specifically designed for individuals who self-harm or feel at risk of self-harm. It aims to provide support and understanding by exploring the complex issue of self-harm and promoting recovery. This workbook acknowledges that self-harm can take various forms, from physical actions like cutting or burning to other harmful behaviors.

The workbook is not a prescriptive program but rather a tool to assist individuals in their personal journey. It encourages self-exploration and understanding without claiming to have all the answers. It acknowledges that the process can be challenging and advises individuals to take breaks or use only parts of the workbook as needed. The ‘Hurt Yourself Less’ Workbook is not intended to be exclusively used with professionals, but individuals may choose to share specific parts with trusted individuals if they wish. 

The contents of the workbook cover a wide range of topics, including understanding self-harm, self-care, managing responses from others, exploring personal emotions and environment, coping strategies for moments of distress, and sections specifically addressing experiences such as hearing voices or seeing visions. The workbook also provides resources for first aid and offers a list of additional support services.

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Who is it for?
Your self-harm now
Looking after you and your injury
Managing other people’s responses
Your self (the difficult bit)
The room – you in your environment
When you feel like harming
The first time
Your injury notes (confidential) 
For workers, carers and concerned others
You have survived
Moveable/multiple sections
Hearing voices, seeing visions, other unusual
Experiences and self-harm
Where are you now 1?
Where are you now 2?
First aid
Resource list


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