Free ‘The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens: Mindfulness Skills to Help You Deal with Stress’

The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens: Mindfulness Skills to Help You Deal with Stress“The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens: Mindfulness Skills to Help You Deal with Stress” is a practical guide designed to assist teenagers in managing stress effectively. This workbook offers a range of activities and strategies to navigate and reduce stress levels.

The workbook begins by normalising stress as a part of teenage life and encourages teens to tap into their inner resources and positive qualities. It provides various activities targeting stress management, including defining stress, understanding its physical and emotional effects, and identifying stressors.

Mindfulness exercises play a significant role in this workbook, allowing teens to cultivate present-moment awareness. Activities cover sensory awareness, mindful eating, body scan meditations, and integrating mindfulness into daily tasks like schoolwork and movement.

The workbook also addresses self-awareness, positive thinking, coping strategies, and problem-solving techniques. It guides teens to recognise their strengths, practice self-care, differentiate between controllable and uncontrollable factors, and foster resilience.

Teens are encouraged to take charge of their stress responses through mindful stopping techniques and visualising positive outcomes. The importance of focusing on positive experiences, savoring pleasant moments, and practicing self-compassion is emphasized.

“The Stress Reduction Workbook for Teens” empowers teenagers to actively engage in their stress reduction journey. By implementing the provided mindfulness skills and participating in the activities, teens can develop practical tools to manage stress, enhance their well-being, and cultivate resilience.


Activity 1: Getting Started: Setting Intentions
Activity 2: Learning Who You Are
Activity 3: Defining Stress
Activity 4: Good Stress and Bad Stress
Activity 5: The Physical Effects of Stress
Activity 6: The Emotional Effects of Stress
Activity 7: Thoughts and Feelings
Activity 8: The Mind-Body Connection
Activity 9: What Is Stressing You Out?
Activity 10: Important Moments Can Cause Stress Too
Activity 11: Riding the Wave of Life
Activity 12: Stepping Outside of the Box
Activity 13: What Is Mindfulness?
Activity 14: Living in the Present Moment
Activity 15: Being in the Now: The Five Senses
Activity 16: Mindful Eating
Activity 17: Noticing the Little Things
Activity 18: Doing Schoolwork Mindfully
Activity 19: Noticing Your Body: The Body-Scan Meditation
Activity 20: Walking Meditation: Mindful Movement
Activity 21: Paying Attention to Your Breath: Short Breathing Meditation
Activity 22: Sitting Meditation: Paying Attention to Your Breath and Body
Activity 23: Train of Thoughts
Activity 24: Accepting All of Your Emotions
Activity 25: Focusing on the Negative
Activity 26: Letting Go of Negative Self-Judgments
Activity 27: Helpful and Unhelpful Ways to Cope with Stress
Activity 28: Pleasant Life Moments: Doing What You Enjoy
Activity 29: Focusing on the Positive
Activity 30: Seeing Your Positive Qualities
Activity 31: Self-Care Versus Being Selfish
Activity 32: Things You Can’t Control
Activity 33: Problems: Yours and Other People’s
Activity 34: Changing How You Cope with Painful Situations
Activity 35: Mindful Stopping: Taking Time Before You React
Activity 36: Playing Out the End of the Movie
Activity 37: Next Steps