When Your Brother or Sister Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens

When Your Brother or Sister Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens

The “When Your Brother or Sister Has Cancer: A Guide for Teens,” is a resource provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health. It is designed to support teenagers who have a sibling with cancer.

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Here is an overview of the booklet’s table of contents:


This Booklet Is for You

  • An introduction explaining that the booklet is for teens who have a sibling with cancer.
  • What to expect in the booklet, including insights from other teens in similar situations, information on cancer and its treatment, and guidance for coping.

CHAPTER 1: You’ve Just Learned That Your Brother or Sister Has Cancer

  • Discusses the emotions and thoughts that teens might experience upon learning about their sibling’s cancer diagnosis.
  • Offers guidance on how to cope with the news and the importance of talking about it.

CHAPTER 2: Learning About Cancer

  • Provides information about cancer, its causes, and how it develops.
  • Explains the basics of cancer treatment and what to expect during this process.

CHAPTER 3: Cancer Treatment

  • Explores the various treatments used to combat cancer.
  • Offers insight into what your sibling might go through during treatment.

CHAPTER 4: Becoming a Stem Cell Donor

  • Discusses the possibility of becoming a stem cell donor for your sibling.
  • Explains what this involves and how it can help.

CHAPTER 5: What Your Brother or Sister May Be Feeling

  • Explores the emotional and physical experiences your sibling might go through during cancer treatment.
  • Offers guidance on how to support and understand their feelings.

CHAPTER 6: Changes in Your Family

  • Addresses the impact of cancer on the family dynamics and relationships.
  • Offers strategies for coping with these changes.

CHAPTER 7: How You Can Help Your Brother or Sister

  • Provides suggestions on how to be supportive and helpful to your sibling during their cancer journey.

CHAPTER 8: Taking Care of Yourself

  • Emphasizes the importance of self-care for teenagers in this situation.
  • Offers tips on managing your own emotions and well-being.

CHAPTER 9: You and Your Friends

  • Discusses how to talk to friends about your sibling’s cancer and maintain your social life.
  • Offers guidance on communication with peers.

CHAPTER 10: Finding Support

  • Highlights the importance of seeking support from trusted adults and friends.
  • Offers resources for getting the support you need.

CHAPTER 11: After Treatment

  • Discusses what happens after cancer treatment ends.
  • Addresses the emotions and adjustments that may be needed during this phase.

CHAPTER 12: The Road Ahead

  • Provides guidance on moving forward once your sibling’s cancer journey is over.
  • Offers tips for looking ahead and planning for the future.

CHAPTER 13: Learning More on Your Own

  • Encourages further learning about cancer and its effects.
  • Provides resources for additional information.

CHART A: Monitoring Tests

  • Explains monitoring tests that may be conducted during cancer treatment.

CHART B: Cancer Team Members

  • Lists the various professionals who make up the cancer treatment team.