Graded Care Profile 2 – Quality of Care/Neglect Assessment Tool & Guidance

Graded Care Profile 2 - Quality of Care/Neglect Assessment Tool & GuidanceThe Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) is an updated version of the original Graded Care Profile tool, designed to assess the quality of care provided to an individual child over a specific period. It retains the core concepts and structure of the original tool but introduces more accessible language and additional items for consideration, making it easier for practitioners to understand and utilise with families.

The primary purpose of GCP2 is twofold:

1. To assess the current quality of care delivered to a child.
2. To identify cases where neglect is suspected or where the quality of care is of interest.

The tool uses a scoring system ranging from 1 (indicating the best quality of care) to 5 (indicating the worst) and can be applied across all levels in the threshold of need. It does not delve into the reasons behind a particular level of care but encourages further analysis and interpretation of the findings.

GCP2 acknowledges that the quality of care can fluctuate over time, so it allows for repeated assessments to track any improvements or lack thereof in the level of care provided to a child. This feature is particularly valuable in assessing the capacity for change in parents or caregivers.

The tool serves various purposes, including:
– Assessing and understanding educational outcomes for a child.
– Evaluating emotional or behavioral outcomes for a child.
– Providing a baseline measurement of the quality of care for a child.
– Targeting intervention and allocating resources effectively.

Overall, the GCP2 tool is an essential resource for professionals working in child welfare, as it aids in identifying potential neglect and gauging the quality of care children receive, thus promoting improved outcomes for vulnerable children and families.


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