Meet Mr Ant: Anger Management Programme for Children

The Program is organised as a Teaching and Learning Kit, comprised of: Picture Video Book: Meet Mr Angry Ant! Teacher Program & Guide: with full teaching/learning program notes, background information, suggested activity sequence, Activity Cards and handouts, and other Print Masters The “Meet Mr Angry…

A Self Help Guide to Controlling Anger booklet for adults

This 24-page booklet contains information and worksheets helping readers: Recognise whether they may be experiencing anger problems. Understand what anger is, what causes it and what keeps it going. Find ways to understand, manage or overcome their anger. Click here to view/download

Lemons or Lemonade?: An Anger Workbook for Teens

This workbook is for young people 13 and older who express their anger in ways that harm others, themselves, animals, and personal property. The workbook is especially helpful for children who have experienced complex trauma and are hurt, angry, and bereft as a result. Adults…

How to deal with anger booklet

Many people have trouble managing their anger. This is for anyone who wants to learn how to deal with it in a constructive and healthy way. It is also for anyone with a friend or family member who has problems with anger. Contents What is anger?…

Anger Management Skill Cards

The sheet contains twelve cards with pictures and ideas for healthy anger management techniques that’s appropriate for kids. Teach children and practise with them to control their anger using these bright and fun anger management skill cards.