An Introduction to ADHD: Parents’ guide

An Introduction to ADHD: Parents' guide

“An Introduction to ADHD: Parents’ Guide” is a concise and informative booklet that serves as an introduction to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) for parents. With 36 pages of valuable information, this guide covers various aspects of ADHD, including its definition, diagnosis process, prevalence, and causes. It addresses common misconceptions surrounding ADHD and explores the emotional experiences of children, parents, and siblings affected by the condition.

The booklet offers practical insights into how parents and caregivers can support children with ADHD and discusses the role of schools in providing assistance. It provides guidance on managing homework, addressing sleep difficulties, and navigating ADHD in conjunction with other challenges. The long-term outcomes for children with treated and under-treated ADHD are also discussed, along with the topic of medication as a potential treatment option.


● What is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?
● How is ADHD diagnosed?
● Is ADHD a new disorder?
● How common is ADHD?
● What causes ADHD?
● Common misbeliefs
● Do children grow out of ADHD?
● Why give a child a label?
● How can a child with ADHD feel?
● How can parents feel?
How can siblings feel?
● How can parents/carers help?
● How can schools help?
● Managing homework
● Sleep difficulties
● ADHD and other problems
● Long-term outcomes for children with treated and under treated ADHD
● Medication for ADHD
● Resources


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