ASQ:SE-2 Social-Emotional Development Guide (Sheets for parents)

ASQ:SE-2 Social-Emotional Development Guide (Sheets for parents)

The ‘ASQ:SE-2 Social-Emotional Development Guide (Sheets for parents)’ is a visually engaging resource designed to assist parents and social workers in understanding and monitoring the social-emotional development of children aged 2 to 60 months. This guide consists of 9 colorful pages and provides valuable information about significant milestones in a child’s social-emotional growth during this crucial period.

The guide presents a comprehensive overview of over a dozen key developmental milestones that children typically achieve within the specified age range. These milestones cover various aspects of social and emotional development, which are critical for a child’s overall well-being and future interactions. The content is structured in an easy-to-follow format, making it accessible and user-friendly for both parents and social workers.

The sheets can be used to facilitate meaningful discussions between social workers and parents regarding their children’s social-emotional development. By offering a clear outline of the expected milestones and behaviors, these sheets provide a basis for constructive conversations that can help parents better understand their child’s development and address any concerns they may have.



A Story for One-Year-Olds – Baby’s Busy Day: Being One is So Much Fun

“A Story for One-Year-Olds: Baby’s Busy Day – Being One is So Much Fun” is a charming and educational story about Baby, a one-year-old puppy, and his family. The book captures Baby’s day filled with activities that promote his developmental milestones, guided by the care of Mom, Dad, and Sis. Readers are encouraged to look for paw prints and hearts in the story, which highlight key developmental milestones for one-year-olds and offer tips for parents to support their child’s growth and learning.

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A Story for One-Year-Olds - Baby's Busy Day: Being One is So Much Fun

A Story for Two-Year-Olds – Where is Bear? A Terrific Tale for 2-Year-Olds

This is a fun and interactive children’s book that helps in identifying developmental milestones in two-year-olds. The story involves a playful game of hide-and-seek with Bear and Tiger, guiding children through various activities that symbolise crucial developmental steps. Parents are encouraged to look for specific symbols throughout the book that point to important milestones and parenting tips, making it a valuable tool for understanding and aiding their child’s growth.

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A Story for Two-Year-Olds - Where is Bear? A Terrific Tale for 2-Year-Olds

A Story for Three-Year-Olds – Amazing Me: It’s Busy Being 3

This is a children’s book that explores the developmental milestones of a three-year-old child through the character of Joey, a young kangaroo. The book is interactive, encouraging children to identify with Joey’s activities and achievements, while also providing parents with milestone markers and developmental information. It aims to educate and reassure parents about typical child development at this age, blending storytelling with developmental psychology.

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