Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Skills Training Workbook: Learning more about low mood, stress, anxiety and how CBT can help you

This workbook has been designed to be used either as self-help, or in conjunction with attending a CBT Skills Training Workshop. The aim of this workbook is to introduce service users to a number of tools that will help them build up their own “tool bag” which will give them some skills to manage their mood. The tools covered in this workbook are based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which are explained in the workbook.


What is Anxiety and Low Mood?
A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Based Approach
Setting Goals
Tool 1 – Increasing Activity Levels
Tool 2 – Facing Your Fears
Tool 3 – Thought Challenging
Tool 4 – Problem Solving
Tool 5 – Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
Create Your Own Wellbeing Blueprint
Next Steps
Further Reading


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